March 10, 2016

Creative Spotlight: James McClung

James McClung was our featured presenter for the month of March. Having presented previously, James was kind enough to return and share with us his current work ‘Land and Dark’. James is one of the most ubiquitous artists in Redlands, having created Parliament Chocolate’s logotype, as well as the owls for each individual origin’s chocolate bar. You may have also seen his mural work at The State, or at one of the downtown art walks. He’s also done illustration, packaging and design work for Augie’s Coffee, Strawfoot, and Ritual Brewery. He’s recently displayed his art in San Francisco and Los Angeles, as well as completed a bicycle trip to from LA to San Francisco.

James’ latest work is an intersection of desert landscapes, especially Joshua tree, and man made objects.

“Maybe that’s why I was drawn to the desert… it is a unique landscape that offers solace, creating an environment that offers an artist the opportunity to gain insight, and inspiration while learning more about themselves.

“This lifestyle can be at times lonely, yet the most rewarding work one can do.”

“The time and effort one puts into a project is all consuming.”

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