April 19, 2016

Creative Spotlight: Lucas Cuny

Thanks to our April presenter, Lucas Cuny, for taking the time to talk a little bit about his passion for film, his organization, and how the film industry has changed. Lucas talked about how the process of directing a film has become easier. The film ‘Tangerine’ was filmed using only a couple of iPhone 4s’. Technology has evolved to make film making accessible to many more people, but the important point is that even amateur filmmakers still need to understand the structure.

You’re basically making a puzzle – you want to make sure there are enough pieces and they all fit

Film is all illusion

Cuny’s mission is to bring some of the film industry out to Redlands, which is outside of the ’thirty mile zone’ that requires filmmakers to hire a specific set of industry workers. He is also working with Slate, inc to support emerging media artists through youth education programs, professional engagement, and promotion of their work.

We’re also working with Lucas and Slate, inc to produce a quarterly film event – more news on that soon!

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