September 9, 2016

Creative Spotlight: Chris Suchánek

Chris Suchánek is the Founder and CEO of Firm Media, based in Ontario, California. Chris’ journey took him from opening for bands like Wheezer in the late 80’s and 90’s, to running his own comprehensive media company.


In addition to running Firm Media, Chris and his wife also started Project Boon, a multifaceted, global 501c3 non-profit project that, among other things, facilitates events like Eat & Be Well. Giving back is a core component of Chris’ mantra, and he views it as having been critical to his success.

“There’s something synergistic between giving back and success”

Thanks again to Chris and the gang for coming out! For more information about Firm Media, visit them on the web at

This month’s Creative Spotlight event was also our first chance to get a sneak peak at the new Redlands co-working and event space, The Orange Space. You can learn about membership options at their website. Drinks were provided courtesy of Loka Design Co.

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