Our vision is to see a sustainable and thriving community of creatives in the Inland Empire. We envision relationships in which people are free to be honest, to wrestle with life together, to support and challenge each other and to spur each other on in their creativity and craft.

Connecting Creatives in the Inland Empire: Join us the first Wednesday of every month at The Orange Space in Redlands, California


We are an organization whose focus is connecting creatives. We provide connecting points for creatives to gather together to inspire, collaborate and converse with each other. Our formation has been inspired by the Impressionist artists in 19th-Century Paris as well as the 1930’s Oxford literary group, The Inklings. The gathering of these groups caused the explosion of one of the most influential art movements in history and was the catalyst for the completion of works by renowned authors J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis. When creatives gather together, amazing things happen.


Currently, we host a monthly Guild Gathering where we showcase a handful of creatives and allow time for connecting and networking. Through our website we have an ever-growing collective of various creatives in the IE as well an event-listing of local creative-based events. We also promote and sponsor creative events and shows throughout the IE.

Future connecting points we have in mind are other meet-ups in local cafés, coffee shops and pubs; conferences on creativity and specific crafts; galleries for artists; critique and collaboration nights; and co-working spaces where creatives share studio and office space.


The Guild is currently organized by Erin Wilbanks and Paul Gernetzke. If you have anything you’d like to run past us, shoot us an email!

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